Quality Breeds Love & Universal Unity

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  • He is a professional urban hip hop/rap music industry recording artist with extreme talent with the grand ability to capture every element in each song he touches
  • He a music creating thorough breed, a charismatic prodigy with hit quality lyrics that any human being can relate to when listening to his album play
  • He is a crafty spoken voice for the youth within his community because of his ability to converse with them on their level through the power of music

  • He is a stealer showcase performer with a high quality theme to launch his grand industry debut consisting of 17 well formulated songs that explain his life story
  • He brings to the table his real 100% experiences based upon actual street topics and the absolute science learned that gives him living credibility to attract leads
  • He is a soon to be iconic figure that is savvy and forthcoming a business man who sets huge trends in high standard songwriting, production and performance


  • Q.B. is a deep passionate artist whose songwriting reflects his pragmatic views of life
  • His closes peers and colleagues call him Q.B. because of his broad industry vision and the leading role he takes as a music mastering mentor in his community
  • He’s an intelligent, spiritual, self-motivated entrepreneur, a milestone quarter-back with a strong career focus
  • Q.B. the artist continues the journey to grow because his dynamic eagerness to learn
  • Exhibits a sound mind, creativity, health consciousness, and has an exquisite taste in fashion
  • The concept behind the 2012 trade-name/trade-mark, Quality B.L.U.U. was created to represent the artist industry movement and is used as an meaningful acronym that is defined as “quality breeds love & universal unity


  • Q.B., was born on May 6, 1987, and raise in Topeka, Kansas where he currently resides
  • Since he turned professional he has written and produced over 40 recorded songs with 15 collaborated hit singles on mix tape albums some of his material is being feature on YouTube and Facebook
  • He owns the rights to over 3 exclusive catalogs, and is currently working on his first major music video to be released on YouTube
  • Has sought to position himself as a valuable self-promoted artist using online media networks



  • Fried and baked fish, chicken, prime ribs, steaks, barbeque hamburgers, buttered shrimp, lobster with lots of vegetables
  • A huge list of new and old-school urban hip hop, rap, rock, alternative, pop and country music by a variety of popular professionals
  • Reading trade music magazines, writing, trendsetting, browsing websites, traveling, site-seeing, and cooking
  • Spending time alone, with family, friends, associates, relaxing, and soul searching




  • Establishing and maintaining open honest communication in every relevant relationship
  • Remain organized, level headed, informed, knowledgeable, and humble in all endeavors
  • To keep family life, music, and money making fun and not to think over critical of others
  • Achieving all career multi-platinum goals while making good informed decisions in the process


  • Building a workable alliance with personal manager, agent, publisher, producers, and sponsors
  • Concentrating on immediate tasks first while eliminating outside circumstances beyond control
  • Continue creating good music that keep my targeted fans happy and that support my career
  • Know my purpose, never take anything for granted, respect all, and invest smart in the business