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Our Head Managment

Gwyndell B. DeClerk

Here at the DJC Gwyndell B. DeClerk is our head CEO. The main guy behind the inner workings and concept of Def Jam Central, Gwyndell has the business and law background to get the legit legal and business side of the DJC up and running. Gwyndell is credited with writing the business plan and legal contracts that make what we do here at the DJC more then just a pipe dream. He has takin the vision of so many producers and artist here in the midwest and given them one name and enity to come together and get behind, a name with a legacy of hope, Def Jam. Def Jam Central brings us together and gets us to work as a team to bring the dreams of so many midwest artist and producers to light and to make a tangable viable option in the hunt for talent from mid America.

Brett D. Kerr

Brett Kerr is the COO & technical brains behind the operations here at Def Jam Central. What he maybe lacking in the legal area he more then makes up for with his mastery of all things technical and production wise. Wether its editing and converting the latest music video or recording and mixing that next hot banger, too developing and coding this website. Brett has the training and years of experience to get the project done. With a degree from Devry for computer technology and one from Kansas Universty in business. He has his handsfull building the rock solid foundation of Def Jam Central. Not only is it smooth sailing with the tech aspect of things here at the DJC for him but, with his business degree he has a firm grip on what it takes to get and keep a business running hence his Cheif Operations Officer title here at Def Jam Central.

Rayon Boyd (aka Sticky Green)

Sticky Green is the one man army. With millions grossed by his very hands he has been a leading figure for promotions around these parts for about 10 years. Years of dedication skill and experience has lead Sticky Green right to the CPO, Chief Promotions Officer spot here at the DJC & we couldn’t be happier to have him. Sticky has been through the ruff and came out the outher side unscathed and on top when it comes to promoting. With his great business sense and experience in the promoting game. Sticky knows how to get the ball rolling and get the attention of a prime audience to help maximize turnout and profit for a said artist, album, or venue. He's in top managenment for a reason and that reason is, He's the best at what he does.



Shot of Life EP
Quality BLUU
img iTunes


Quality BLUU Concert
Abe & Jakes / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 5
First Concert
Granada / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 27
Jakobi Concert
Jakpot / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 25
Money Moss Concert
Liberty Hall / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 15

DJC hot new artist Jakobi

DJC artist Jakobi is our lattest hot new signee. Make sure to check his page out and listen to his bangin new EP. From modeling to singing artist Jakobi has it all going on. After seeing what he had to offer DJC didnt hesitate to put him on the team. Jakobi's page

Dont wait get your copy of Jakobi's EP today!


Welcome to Def Jam Central. Your source for all the freshest hottest artist & music from the midwest.

  • Address: Lawrence, KS 66044
  • Email: productions@defjamcentral.com
  • Phone: 1-316-461-9878



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