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Feel free to contact us by any of the means listed on this page.
  • Address: 1506 Lindenwood Lane Lawrence, Kansas 66044
  • Email: productions@defjamcentral.com
  • Information & Booking: 1-785-861-9139
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Shot of Life EP
Quality BLUU
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Abe & Jakes / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 5
First Concert
Granada / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 27
Artist Concert
Jakpot / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 25
Money Moss Concert
Liberty Hall / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 15

DJC hot new Artists Roast

DJC artists roaster music have original music and are carefully selected. Make sure to check each Artist page and listen their sound. From music production, singing, songwriting, to live performances they do it all. After seeing what each Artist had to offer DJC didn't hesitate to put them on the team.  Artist Profile Page

Check often for new Albums, Merchandise, and FREE Downloads!



Welcome to Def Jam Central. The source all fresh Artists & hot music in the Midwest.
  • Address: 1506 Lindenwood Lane Lawrence, KS 66044
  • Email: productions@defjamcentral.com
  • Phone: 1-785-861-9139


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