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Def Jam Central Blog's

Def Jam Central's fresh new site!

Hey there! You found us, the next stage in the Def Jam legacy; Def Jam Central. Welcome to our fresh new site (still under construction though, thanks ahead for your patience), where you can get all the latest and greatest that Def Jam Central has to offer. From our hot new artists and music to their........

Def Jam Central's foundation

Def Jam Central might be the 'New Kid' on the block, but we have over 50 years of combined experience in the music industry. So get ready for the best from the Midwest! We have officially located an office and studio location based right here in the Midwest in Lawrence, Kansas, one of........

Jakobi in the studio!

Today was a long day here at Def Jam Central Studios. After signing hot new artist Jakobi to the DJC label, we brought him to the studio to get started on his EP. Eight tracks of chart toppers ready to knock down the billboards. No autotune need here; this man can sing. Well maybe........


Mystery CLub
Waylon Thornton
img ITunes


Quality BLUU Concert
Abe & Jakes / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 5
First Concert
Granada / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 27
Jakobi Concert
Jakpot / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 25
Money Moss Concert
Liberty Hall / Lawrence, KS Buy tickets
August 15

DJC's hot new artist, Jakobi

DJC roaster page features its lattest music Artists. Make sure to check each Artist page and listen their hot new radio singles. From music production, singing, songwriting, and live performances we have it all right here. After seeing the talent these Artists offer DJC didn't hesitate to put him on the team. Artist Profile Page

Check out the new Music, Videos, and Merchandise Today!





Welcome to Def Jam Central the source of fresh Artists & hot new music in the Midwest marketplace.

  • Address: 1506 Lindenwood Ln., Lawrence, KS 66044
  • Email: productions@defjamcentral.com
  • Information & Booking: 1-785-861-9139




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